Thursday, September 9, 2010

just downloaded some great wallpapers

Here they are.  I know some basic rainmeter stuff, so if any of you guys want me to post a small tut on how to set it up I'll do that too.

Also check out this random fortune cookie generator.  For every fortune cookie ever just add "in bed" to the end and it becomes fucking hilarious.

my favorite one so far "You have remarkable power which you are not using (in bed)."


  1. Optimus owns them ninjas like they r lollipops

  2. "Accept the next proposition you hear (in bed)."

    Rainmeter plz! I've already checked out everything had up, there aren't a lot of users who uploads unfortunately :(

  3. hahaha at the cookie generator
    "good fortune awaits you at the end of the day (in bed)" haha i hope so

  4. hahaha, awesome wallpapers, optimus ftw! :D

  5. My girlfriend used the Optimus Prime one on our laptop.